Austin TX's best dentist, Dr. Graham Reed, offers a variety of dentistry options that will always leave you smiling

Cleaning and Prevention

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A focus on preventive dentistry helps you maintain the highest standard of oral health while limiting dental expenditures. A partnership between you and our team pays dividends, protecting your smile now and well into the future.

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Family Dentistry

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When you step into waterloo Dental in Austin, TX, you'll know you've found the perfect place for your family's care. The services offered at Waterloo Dental ensure that patients of all ages feel welcome. From the earliest check-ups to the management of orthodontic decisions, Dr. Reed will listen to your concerns and guide you through every stage.

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Cosmetic Dentistry


Smiles matter, probably more than we realize. Volumes of research confirm the influential role of smiles on our relationships and our self-esteem. Dr. Reed's passion for enhancing smiles will bring you the best in modern dentistry

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Tooth Replacement

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When it's time to replace missing teeth, whether it's one or a full set, several options may be available to you. Dental Implants often give you the best opportunity to enjoy normal chewing and a full smile, although all therapeutic possibilities deserve consideration. Dr. Reed's background in restorative dentistry allows him to develop solutions for every scenario.

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Extraction and Preservation

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When necessary, due to tooth decay, disease or trauma, we can remove permanent or baby teeth in the most comfortable and pleasant way possible.

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Oral Appliances


Whether you clench and grind your teeth, or it sounds like a freight train is coming through your bedroom, an oral appliance can help relieve or reverse symptoms.

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Sedation Dentistry


Feeling anxious about going to the dentist? We are happy to provide nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as laughing gas) or oral sedation to help calm your nerves.

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We use digital X-rays and high tech intra oral cameras to examine your teeth. This is great because if gives us more diagnostic information with less radiation compared to traditional x-rays. All of this is so that we can find small problems before they become big ones

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